Monday, October 26, 2009

Still Pregnant!

Baby is due the end of this week, though! So excited for his arrival! We are so ready to meet him. Bags are packed. I've been doing a once-over of the house every night before bed to make sure everything is mostly clean, just in case I do go into labor and we have to leave! That way everything won't be a huge mess when we return. It seems a little crazy, but then it's been nice to wake up to a clean house in the morning!

The last two weekends we've been trying to get out of the house, anticipating that soon we will be more or less house bound with a newborn during flu season. Besides the fact that it's probably easier to get out and about with one child rather than two!

Last weekend, we tried out the mexican restaurant in town on Friday night - it was very good - nice fresh food! The menu made it clear what you were getting too, which was nice. We headed down after church on Sunday to Bass Pro Shop, and Cora loved it the minute we drove in the parking lot - she saw the boats, and all the stuffed animals, and the aquarium - it was well worth the drive to see her face light up every time she turned her head when she saw something new!

On Saturday this weekend we drove down to Madison and walked along the river - Cora in her stroller with Daddy pushing. It was a chilly, but beautifully sunny afternoon, and the fall colors along the banks of the Ohio River were stunning. There was a sign for a restaurant on the water, Lighthouse Cafe I think it was, and we ate down there. A barge went by, and we rocked gently with the wake of the boat as it passed while we ate our dinner. It was really neat! After dinner, we walked some more, and tried to get some chocolates to bring home (or in my case, eat on the way home!) but pretty much all the stores were closed up by 6pm! There are a lot of shops to look at in Madison, but it's pretty much a daytime town! We ended up going to a local coffee shop (love patronizing the local places rather than Starbucks when I get the chance!) and got a decaf Vanilla Mocha, and the woman gave us a cookie for Cora, free! Matt doesn't drink coffee, so he shared Cora's cookie. It was a fun little outing for the three of us.

It will be interesting to see if we end up having to come up with something to do this weekend, or if we will have the baby by then!