Monday, June 1, 2009

Cloth Diaper Update (Again)

Diapering a toddler is a lot different than diapering a newborn, or a crawler. My nearly 18-month-old daughter is becoming quite adept at removing her diapers at will. Not good. Part of the problem is that the velcro on the Bummi's diaper covers is not sticking as well as it used to. Very disappointing.
I am very happy with the BumGenius diapers we bought from Mom4Life. They are one size adjustable, which means they are supposed to fit from newborn through whenever. They fit Cora well at about 22 lbs, with room to grow. She actually gets happy when she sees that I am getting ready to put one of those diapers on her! It's cute. Plus, it should be easy to pack the diaper bag with a newborn and a toddler if they both can wear the same diapers. The drawback to these diapers is that they are pocket diapers, which means I have to stuff them before they can be used, which is time-consuming and annoying.

The Kushies AIO's I bought are basically just shredded. The waterproof cover has fallen apart and is useless. I can still use these diapers at home between naps, but they are sketchy. I know I still saved money using these diapers even though I won't be able to use them with baby #2, but it is disappointing to have them not last.

I am impressed with the Bumkins AIO diapers. We got several used from Jackie, and they don't appear to have aged a bit since Cora's been using them. They aren't all that absorbant, though, which means they aren't as bulky. But you need to change these with each pee (like you should with every diaper), so that makes them not-so-good for nighttime or naptime or in the car. If these diapers get a big pee or more than one pee, they start to seep into clothes. But, they are very easy to add an insert or doubler to, which then makes them a good choice for naptime or car time. The only thing I would really change about the Bumkins is that they don't have elastic, which I think helps with the fit around the legs and helps contain poopy messes. Otherwise, long-lasting and a good diaper.

So, I'm on the search for the "perfect" cloth diaper. Give me a one-size adjustable diaper, with elastic at the waist and legs, yet is AIO, but can easily have a doubler added to it if needed, that WILL LAST a long time. If anyone knows of a diaper that fits the bill, please, please, let me know!!