Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Happy Halloween - But No Baby Yet

I really had not planned a costume for Cora for Halloween. But on Friday afternoon it became apparant that I might as well have something ready, since the baby was not here yet. I had just assumed we'd have been busy with other things, since the due date was October 31st!

But what to dress her up as? Well, every morning and night when we do chores across the road, we look for our neighbor's beautiful white cat. We see him most times, and Meow at him, and wink at him (like cats blink their eyes at you) but he hasn't let us pet him yet. So...Cora was a white cat for Halloween. She already had the white shirt, white tights, and white shoes. I sewed a tail, stuffed it with polyfil, and stitched it to a skirt made out of an old t-shirt, and the hat with cat ears was made from an old t-shirt as well. I used pink lipstick for the kitty nose, and eyeliner for her whiskers. She absolutely LOVED getting dressed as a kitty!

We got ready, took pictures, and of course had to show the neighbor how his cat had inspired Cora's costume! Then we took pictures at our house - me with the hat I had hoped her little brother would have actually worn on his head today! And Cora, being adorable, and holding her kitty cat tail.
Then we headed to "trunk or treat" at Matt's aunt and uncle's church, and Cora really got into the spirit of grabbing candy! She said "meow" a lot, and shook her tail, and it was a really good time.

This is being written and posted Sunday morning, and no signs of baby coming yet! He's for sure not going to be a Halloween baby though!