Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Child Changes Everything

A few mornings ago, I had just rocked my son to sleep to his nap, when one of the songs in my CD changer really really jumped out at me. I've listened to the same 3 CDs since the day after Thanksgiving, when we started listening to our Christmas music, but I'd never heard this song the same way before.

The song? "Welcome to our World," the version I was listening to was sung by Michael W. Smith - online I've found lyrics by both him and Chris Rice, among others.

the particular lyrics that moved me so:

"Tender brow prepared for thorns
tiny heart, whose blood will save us
unto us is born."

I had just kissed my tiny son's forehead as I lay him down for his nap.
(just as Mary had likely kissed her God/Man Son Jesus)

My baby's skin so soft, hair so fine.
(it pains me beyond measure to take him for his immunization shots, I cannot begin to fathom a crown of thorns!)

My young child's whole body, while growing stronger every day, so frail and fragile.
(Jesus, while He was God, would choose to take death so that I would never have to!)

My son is precious beyond words to me.
(More and more, I am realizing, all people are so so precious to the point that our Newborn King would knowingly place himself in our cursed world to put himself through extreme torture, just to save us. I love my son, dearly so....but if I were truly honest with myself, would I be capable of doing what Jesus did for us? Miserable sinner that I am, I could not, not even if I tried.)

Certainly I'm not doing a good job of getting across the feeling of amazement and gratefulness and guilt and wonder and love that washed over me then, and has now every time since I hear that song. But I wanted to try to capture it and share it here. Try a search for this song, take a listen yourself. leave a comment and let me know which lyrics touched you.