Tuesday, January 20, 2009


After Christmas, I bought a 14.5 lb. turkey on sale at the grocery store. I put it in the freezer, knowing I had cheap meat in there that we could prepare later, eat, and then freeze the cooked meat for yummy things such as turkey pot pie, any number of casseroles (turkey and chicken can be interchangeable) and a yummy recipe called Turkey Cranberry Wreath (a turkey filling inside a crescent roll crust).

It had been VERY COLD last week, so as I was thinking of ways we could help keep the house feeling warm, I took out the turkey Thursday morning to thaw. Running the oven for the several hours it takes to bake a turkey, plus cooking the rest of the fixins' ought to make for a warm house! We had it on Sunday, my parents were here to visit. It was fun preparing lunch with my family around! It turned out great!

I put the big pieces of meat on one large plate, to be eaten as leftovers and to be broken up into smaller pieces and frozen in the next couple of days. Last night, Matt, Cora and I had turkey dinner again, and again, it was yummy!

Here's the VERY BAD NEWS: We all FORGOT to put the big plate FULL of leftover turkey BACK into the refridgerator!!! It sat out overnight, uncovered.............I am so sad/mad we both forgot to check the kitchen to make sure that didn't happen. What a disappointment!

At least we got two very good meals out of this turkey. And, it won't go completely to waste, as we now have 5 great pyrenees dogs living at our place that will be happy to help us dispose of the turkey. But, what could have been wonderful turned out to be a disappointing waste, mostly. Oh well, hopefully now we will be more careful.