Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

On Sunday evenings now, we go to a young adult Bible study group. It has been great - really wonderful to get to have christian fellowship with people your same age. Never really had that before, and I love it.

We used to have it on Tuesdays, and Matt's parents were able to keep Cora, which was nice because they got to visit with each other, and we got to have uninterrupted conversations! Well, they aren't available to watch her on Sundays so we bring Cora along.

Last Sunday we watched a movie, The Matrix and I have regretted letting her watch it with us ever since. The Matrix was a good movie for the group to watch because it does have a lot of parallels to Christianity that can be drawn and discussed. However, it also has some really super creepy and disturbing things in it that I wish I would have kept Cora from seeing. It was almost hard for me to watch parts of this movie.

Now, she is 15 months old, and she didn't appear to be scared or otherwise affected by seeing the movie. She probably had no idea what was going on (I hope...). But the fact is that as her parents, we are responsible for protecting her from things she doesn't need to be seeing, and I feel we failed her on Sunday night.

I hope that from here on out we can be more careful and judicious when choosing what she watches until she is mature enough to make those decisions on her own.