Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Countdown to Baby - Lots of Work to do!

Today is July 29, and I am now 27 weeks pregnant! Less than 13 weeks to go before baby arrives (that’s assuming he doesn’t come early!) and our family grows from 3 to 4. This pregnancy is going a lot faster than I thought! How exciting! But…..oh man I have a LOT of things I need to get done/under control before this happens!!

I’ve come up with a week by week approach that should help maintain my sanity.

For August, there is, in no particular order:

  • Sewing projects – maternity dress, dresses for Cora, a little tote bag for Cora, one baby project
  • Packing and going on a week’s vacation (fun, but hard to get much accomplished at home!)
  • Preserving corn and tomatoes (sauce, salsa, etc) for the year
  • Put away/sort Cora’s clothes by size, box up what she’s grown out of, and what she’s not big enough for yet.
  • Go through Cora’s little baby clothes, and pick out the stuff that is gender neutral that our son can wear.
  • Come up with an effective organization system for our laundry/hall/mud room/mail desk. (ha! Sounds impossible!!)

September’s tasks include:

  • Birthday parties
  • Reorganizing the computer room/office AND KEEP IT THAT WAY!!!
  • Sewing projects: More baby stuff, plus get started on some matching dolly things for the Big Sis!
  • Reorganize the Attic Room (my sewing/craft/storage room) so that Cora can be in there without getting into trouble
  • Finish re-upholstering antique rocking chair.

By the end of September, I’ll be approaching 36 weeks, and I hope to have all the baby stuff purchased, prepped, and ready for use by the time I reach 37 weeks – the time when a baby could be born and considered full-term. It won’t hurt to be ready by then, but I’d sure be scrambling if baby came early and I wasn’t!

I’ll need to:

  • Wash stuff: car seat covers, crib sheets, clothes, cloth diapers
  • Buy the stuff I don’t have for baby: boy specific clothes, newborn sized cloth diapers, and other miscellaneous things – I’m registered at – lots of really good things on my registry list if you’re looking for a good baby gift (wink, wink!!!!) Especially the Tummy Tub baby bathtub, the Twilight Turtle (as a nite lite alternative), the LilyPadz, the BumGenius Diapers (and the matching BabyLegs!), the Aden and Anais Muslin swaddling blankets….well, all the products I've registered for on that site will be VERY handy.
  • Get all the birth day stuff ready – food, snacks, baby book…..and so forth.

October’s work (beyond being sure all baby gear is ready to go):

  • Deep clean the house
  • Make sure plans are in place for Cora for both during the birth and after baby is born to help her feel important.
  • Food prep – making meals and freezing them for later use!

If I’m still pregnant the week baby is due, I plan on congratulating myself for getting everything ready in plenty of time, taking long walks, getting a hair cut, deep cleaning the house (again!), and just enjoying the last days of being a family of three before our new addition arrives!