Monday, July 27, 2009

Making Myself Teachable

Several months ago I found a little piece of home decor at Hobby Lobby I liked so well that I purchased it - it's now hanging in our living room on the wall. It's a little metal sign that says "Show me your ways, O Lord, guide me in your truth, and teach me. Psalm 25:4-5" Pretty simple, really.

I've been thinking though, about that verse, and life, and it's becoming obvious to me that I am making life more difficult than it needs to be.

Going through a time where you have to make a hard decision?? Check!

Having long talks with the spouse about said decision?? Check!

Lots of time spent in prayer, both alone, and with spouse?? Check!

Still having a hard time finding an answer to what to do about said hard decision?? Check!!

Here's what I've decided is missing: I am not spending time in the Word (reading the Bible). I've slacked off big time in that department. Yes, God uses a lot of ways to communicate with His children, but perhaps this time He needs to communicate through the Word. I plan to make a conscious effort to get back into a habit of reading scripture. When I do take the time to do this, I feel much more connected with God, when I let other things happen first and don't take the time to read the Bible, well....I feel less connected. Why do I continually fall out of this good habit? (don't answer that's rhetorical)

Anyway, my prayer today is that God will gently lead me back to a closeness with Him through reading His Word, and that He will show me His ways, guide me in His truth, and teach me, and give me a teachable spirit!