Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baby Signing Time

For her birthday in early December, Cora got a set of Baby Signing Time DVDs from her dear parents :-)

We'd been hearing about baby sign language from various sources: friends, the internet, and when I found the DVDs on sale, well, we got them. They've been a GREAT way to learn sign language. Cora gets so excited when we put Baby Signing Time on - she starts signing "baby" and wiggling and grinning. She loves the DVDs!

After about a month, she started signing back to us: Eat, More, and sometimes Please.

Her signs aren't perfect, but you can tell what they are in context.

She can sign:
Thank You
Wash Hands
Brush Teeth
Finished/All Done

She tries to sign Cat, and Sock - but it's not recognizable unless you are talking about Cats or Socks, and she moves her hands sort of kind of like you'd sign for those things. She also understands other signs, but hasn't tried to copy them yet

She even will sign short sentences - Last night she signed Eat More!

I want to learn the signs for Your Welcome, God, Love, I Love You, and so on, so I can teach her to pray short little prayers (like at mealtime) using baby sign language.

Using Baby Sign Language has been fun, educational, and it's shown us that our daughter can communicate with us even though she's not able to talk clearly.