Monday, February 9, 2009

Baby Stuff Series - Feeding


  • Mother’s milk exclusively IF AT ALL POSSIBLE for the first 6 months, continue nursing as a supplement to solids for one year + (or, listen to your baby, they will likely tell you when they need to keep and/or are ready to be finished nursing, each mama/baby is different)
  • Mom will need a loose but well-fitting nursing bra or two. Try oversized sports bras - easy to lift for nursing access.
  • Nursing tops with empire or all around underlayer openings, don’t have to be prints, solids work fine. It’s not fun to have to get your tummy out, too, and nursing shirts help with this! Once baby’s latched (and prayerfully, STAYS latched) the breast is pretty well covered, so tops with nursing access are WONDERFUL, especially when away from home or with company.
  • It is possible to nurse your baby while wearing baby in a carrier or sling. First, adjust your clothes (this is where nursing tops are handy!) then put on the carrier/sling. Then, put baby in carrier, latch on, and you're nursing - hands free! Unfortunately, I didn't figure this out for a long time - hopefully this will help someone else who is thinking "how in the world do you nurse in one of these things???" Adjusting your clothes FIRST is the key!
  • Washable bra pads, Bravado makes some good ones. If you have to have disposable, try the Lansinoh brand.
  • Water bottle for mom to carry in diaper bag when out and about - it is hard to drink enough water when you're nursing!
  • Try waiting to introduce solids until baby is interested in what you’re eating. Our daughter has refused pureed baby food since she was 8 months old, and is eating table food and breastmilk, and will be until she gradually weans herself.
  • Baby spoons, get a bunch, you can accumulate a lot of them in the dishwasher!
  • Bibs (but, our daughter keeps pulling hers off – in that case, a good stain remover!)
  • Seat – We have a chicco travel seat that attaches to the table. I wish we had bought this one: because it's smaller and looks like it would pack up easier. A high chair is handy for raising baby up to watch you while you make dinner.

Any other baby feeding tips or suggestions?